Small Business - To the Cloud!?!?

By now, I'm sure you've heard and seen all of the various marketing regarding the "Cloud". Well is the cloud really worth it to a small business?

The purpose of cloud computing is to provide you with cost-effective and scalable solution. This can be great for a small business that's running on financial fumes! Cloud computing prevents you from purchasing assets such as hardware and software and instead allows you to pay over a period of time, typically monthly or annually. This means you avoid all the up front costs of purchasing high end PC's and servers, and not to mention expensive software!

Financially this means your small business is more independent and does not need to rely on other sources of start-up money such as a personal loan or even an SBA, or small business loan. This means financial freedom for you and your company. Did I mention, it's in the cloud? :) Our graphical analysis highlights a scenario of 5 users over a 3 year period. It assumes the only requirement is basic productivity software such as Word Processing and Spreadsheet and a  lump of storage for storing "creatives". What else does it take to market a website or update a blog?!

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