Student Loans

You’ve made the choice to go to school. Put how will you pay for it? College is getting increasingly expensive and more difficult to pay for, especially in difficult economic times. Student loans typically offer lower interest rates and can be a useful resource for helping you pay for college.

repaying student loansStafford Loans are a type of student loan. These loans are probably the most common for a typical undergraduate student. There are two types of stafford loans, subsidized and unsubsidized. Read more about stafford loans here.

It’s frequently said that student loan debt is probably the most productive of any sort of debt that you will encounter. Student loan debt can be considered an investment in your. Going to college is not an easy task in itself – let alone the financial costs associated with college. A student loan may be able to help you out.

It’s important to know that government backed loans do have aggregate limits so borrow responsibly and only what you need! Borrowing only enough to cover the necessary costs ensures that you’ll be in a position to complete your degree and not be in financial ruins once you graduate college.

Don’t forget – at some point you have to begin working and repay these loans. Even though there are limits in the maximum payment amounts for stafford loans it’s still a debt that will take a while to repay.

PLUS loans may be an option as well if you reach the maximum amount of Stafford Loans (subsidized &  unsubsidized). PLUS are private loans and typically require a creditworthy co-signer or signer. These are typically easier to get but as a student you may still have some challenges getting one unless you have a willing parent or grand parent.

Remember – borrow responsibly!