Online Teaching Jobs

With jobs harder and harder to find, people are looking for jobs in an industry that is growing. One such place is online colleges and universities. There are many online teaching jobs, and the demand is growing so fast that schools can hardly keep up with the supply of instructors.

It makes perfect sense. The speed and technology supports so much more than it did even just ten years ago. Being able to access online classrooms is now easy and supported by any personal PC or laptop.

Not only has technology grown, but also more people are seeking training and education to make themselves more attractive to employers, so the high unemployment rates are also driving up the online college enrollments. With the growing demand of classes and classrooms, there is a growing demand for teachers to monitor and guide these classrooms and students. Therein lie potential employment opportunities with online teaching jobs.

Online classrooms are radically less expensive to colleges and universities to run. They do not need physical space in a brick and mortar building, parking, and all those other details that drive costs higher for colleges and universities. This has a negative effect in that it reduces the amount that they pay online instructors. So you would probably not be making as much as a full-time professor employed by the university to hold physical classes. This greatly varies by school and class; a more intensive specialized class will probably garner a higher salary than an introductory liberal arts class. However, it is an excellent way to provide additional income opportunities and also provide some teaching experience that may lead to a full time professor position at a physical location.

There is also a rising demand for teachers for K-12 online learning. This would be due to homeschool needs for specific courses, classes that are not offered at the physical school a student attends, disciplinary issues that prevent the student from attending the school, or just students that have disabilities and learning from home provides them a better environment.

Online tutoring may also be a niche to explore. You may not need or want a full-time instructor position, but if you provide tutoring online, this would demand less time. You can set this up through a school, or you can do it as a self-employed contractor and advertise for yourself locally or online.

There are a few drawbacks to online learning. Most schools will have the curriculum, quizzes, tests, subjects, and textbook materials already set up and there isn’t much room for improvisation with methods and information that you have to offer. Most online courses entail a forum type of interaction; this is where you can have a little creative license to teach your students something that may be outside of the material.

If you are the type of person that prefers face-to-face contact and your desire is to be a professor at a college, this may not be a preferred job. However, it will provide some teaching experience on your resume as opposed to working outside of your profession or being unemployed.

Before you apply for any of these positions, it will be important to find out what the requirements will be for these online teaching jobs. Some may require a master’s degree or even a doctorate. Most high schools will require teaching licensing for your state, and others may only require a certain amount of experience in a particular field. At the very least, you will probably need a bachelor’s degree and some experience.

Don’t let this discourage you from checking out the options. While you are looking for perfect online teaching jobs, you can become an online student yourself so that you can finish your degree, get your teaching license, and also get the student perspective of online learning.

Once you do have the proper credentials, you will have the experience of both ends of the virtual school. This provides your students with a valuable service to ensure success for both you and them.