Online Jobs Working from Home

With rampant unemployment, fewer opportunities are the result. If you are a college student, just graduated, just lost your job, or have been looking for a job and can’t get one, it might be time to begin searching online jobs working from home.

You must be very careful, however, not to get caught up in a fraudulent work at home website. Install filters that you can add to your web browser that will help identify good and bad websites. You do not want to give any bank or credit card information until you have done your research and feel you have a reputable online job center. Many of these types of jobs do not require you to pay anything. You just have to know where to look for work and how to market your skills.

Web Design

Now, web design will require some knowledge and experience on your part. Some are good web designers that are self-taught, but you will probably want to have at least an associate’s degree or enough classes that you really know what you are doing.

If you are looking for something that will bring more immediate income, this probably is not a good choice, but if it is an area of interest, you can always make it your goal to go back to school. Web designers pretty much set their own rate, but especially when you are starting out, you will want to offer lower competitive prices in order to gain some experience and have a way to show potentially higher-paying clients your abilities.

Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is a booming business right now. Web developers make websites, but they need someone to write the content for it. There are also blogs, SEO articles, reviews, and many other types of online writing available. You just need to have good command of the English language, proper grammar, good spelling, creativity, and the ability to put together an interesting article quickly.

There is typically not a lot of pay for SEO articles or website content. You might get .01 per word, or $3-5 per article. However, once you get started and have some experience you will find better paying jobs.

It is helpful if you are experienced or have knowledge in a particular industry. If you have a niche that you can tap into, you can approach websites about your knowledge and market yourself. You may be able to become an exclusive writer for some of these websites. However, freelance writing can be something to bring in some money while you get experience.


If you are fluent in any language, you will easily find ways to make money online. There are many ways in which you can help people to translate information from websites, provide help for students, and numerous other options. If you have any language skills at all, you should find a way to boost or supplement your income online.

Online Surveys

You won’t get rich doing surveys, but if you do them when you are not doing anything lese anyway like when you are watching TV or relaxing. It’s just basically filling out marketing surveys so businesses know what the consumers want and how they think. You probably can’t do enough of them to support yourself, but you still could do enough to fill up your gas tank every now and then.

Data Entry

With technology as it is now, in-house data entry is now often outsourced to people who work from home. It saves an employer a lot of money because they do not have to provide benefits or provide space for them.

If you can get a data entry job, you may be able to make enough to support yourself. If you supplement it with any of the other online job options, you should make a pretty decent living.

Affiliate Marketing

If you have time to learn this business, you can do this from home and build it up to a really lucrative business. You start by building your own website and then allow other businesses to have an ad on your page. They can do the same for you. So when someone accesses your website and then clicks on the link for the other business, you get a kickback. Once you get the hang of it, you can build more websites or add more pages with more ads.

There are many opportunities for online jobs working from home, you just need to take the time to seek them out and market yourself. Once you get started and become more experienced, you will see how to make a full-time income from them.