5 Easy Jobs that Pay Well

pool man easy jobLooking for an easy job? In the United States the percentage of unemployment has been hovering around 10%. In these rough economic times many are looking for jobs whether they are easy or not. However, if you're in the market for job, now may be the time to find that dream job to put you on easy street for some time.

Well "easy" is certainly subjective but we've tried to compile a list of those jobs that may be considered easy while still getting paid quite well. Our list is compiled below, feel free to comment on it or contact us if you have other jobs that you may consider "easy".

Truck Driver

Truck driving may not be the easiest job in the world but let's face it - it's not that difficult. It may require long hours at times but most, if not all, of the time is spent driving. Truck driving does require a special certification and the completion of driving school in certain scenarios. In the U.S. a CDL license also requires a regular health examination as well. As long as you can drive a semi and are in reasonably good health, then you should be able to have at this easy job. If you decide to drive on your own you may need to purchase your own vehicle which could require a sizable auto loan so if you're low on start up money you may wish to join an existing company that will allow you to drive their trucks.

The average salary, according to Indeed.com, is $58,000 as of September 2011. This is not bad at all, especially in a struggling economy.

Blog Writer

Almost everyone has a passion or hobby, wouldn't it be great to write about it? Blogging has blown up ever since the introduction of the blog. If you have good english skills and can write reasonably well, hopefully better than myself, then you can do this easy job. Typical bloggers may write for multiple sites and for the most part are paid on a per-project or per-article basis. This provides lots of flexibility for someone looking for an easy job.

An active blogger can easily make $40,000 per year writing for different blogs.

Gym Employee

For those that are physically fit, working at a gym may be right for you! There are many different roles at a gym that is required. The front desk or support person typically greets everyone as they walk in and checks them in. They may also handle billing inquiries or other general inquiries. This role may also involve some cleaning and potentially some lifting to help move around the gym equipment. However, for those that have an active personality, they will fit in great in this easy job.

Salary may not be as great as some of our other easy jobs but you should be looking in the $30,000 range to start.

Social Media Analyst

As many brick-and-mortar companies, and even established internet companies, venture in the world of social media, they are looking for hip, young individuals that are familiar with social media to guide them. Let's face it, most CEO's are 50+, what do they know about facebook or youtube? Whatever you do, don't talk to them about tweeting! All kidding aside, most Gen X or Y'ers know plenty about these social media outlets. Wouldn't it be great just to advise others how these work and how a company can market their site in these media outlets?

As far as salary this can range greatly... if you're working independent as a consultant you can expect between $75 - $100 per hour. If you go the other route of full-time employment you should expect between $50,000 - $60,000 per year to start.

Pool Man

We've all heard the comic relief about the pool man, but let's face it, this is a serious profession! Pools require maintenance from cleaning to calibrating. This is more common in warmer climates where pools are more common. Becoming a pool man requires knowledge of maintenance of a pool (attainable online) and some basic chemicals available at any pool shop. Most pool men work independently so their work is quite flexible. If you plan to start up your own company you will need a small investment, nothing that a small personal loan can't cover but just you're aware - you'll need to purchase some supplies.

The salary can vary greatly but you can expect $50 - $250 per month depending on the size of the pool. If you establish a client base of 20 clients you can expect a salary of about $30,000 per year.

In short, if you're in the market for a job, now may be the time for a career switch. These jobs may not be enough to support extreme early retirement but it's certainly enough to make a decent living and get you back on your feet. Check out some of these jobs that may make your life easier and a bit more enjoyable. We'll continue to update this list as we find those easy jobs but feel free to send us any think should be on our list.