4 Easy Work at Home Jobs

Rampant unemployment and higher cost of living expenses require more Americans to seek other avenues to make money or supplement their income. Also, stay-at-home parents look for opportunities to maintain a hands-on approach to child-rearing. Whatever your reason, finding easy work at home jobs is not difficult, and can provide a rewarding and successful career. You can choose how much work you take and what timeframe you want to spend on it. You could even do a couple different ones and work simultaneously with different job models.

1. Freelance Writer

  • Pay greatly varies depending on the job, size of article, number of words, etc. You can expect to make anywhere from .01 per word, $1 per article, or much more. Writing for magazine articles can pay hundreds per article. It varies greatly with experience and any niche markets you may access.
  • This job would be great for people who like to write and who are excellent with English grammar and editing skills.
  • Freelance writing would not generally require any expertise (other than writing capabilities); however, to write for a niche market having experience in some area may be helpful towards commanding a higher price for your work.
  • You might create documents, blog entries, articles, website content, brochures, or eBooks. The subject could be anything: Politics, sports, movies, careers, academics, grant proposals, resumes, entertainment, etc. It is only limited by the amount of information on the Internet, which you know is endless.

2. Scheduler

  • Pay can be an average between $12 and $18 an hour depending on the type of client you have and your experience.
  • Schedulers handle jobs such as a client’s calendar, medical appointments, staffing schedules, airline reservations, and updates appointments as needed.
  • Great organizational skills are a must for this type of job. It will require precise and detailed scheduling and working with clients to be sure their scheduling needs are met.

3. Answering Services

  • Pay averages between $10 and $13 an hour depending on job and experience.
  • This job will require you to answer phone calls for various business offices. This could include after-hours doctor offices, home health care, call centers, order takers, and real estate management companies just to name a few.
  • Many companies will hire someone to answer the phone after normal hours to take messages and do scheduling.
  • This would obviously require non-standard working hours and good phone skills. You should be able to interact with individuals and have patience.

4. Desktop Publishers

  • Pay varies between $15 and $25 an hour, or more. Greatly depends on types of jobs and your expertise.
  • Some clients may require an associate’s degree in graphic design before they will consider hiring you. However, for the most part you can be self-taught and still build a successful desktop publishing business from home. You would need to market yourself to online businesses and local companies.
  • This job requires you to be comfortable with many software programs including word processing, charts, page layouts, and computer graphics.
  • You will need to invest in a good desktop publishing software system and various paper products if you plan to print out your work. In some cases you will just need to design a template to send to the customer.
  • Some areas you may find a niche: Letterhead, business cards, fliers, brochures, invitations, newsletters, catalogues, menus, calendars, logos, and presentations.

These are just a few examples of easy work at home jobs. There are many ways to be your own boss, use your gifts and talents, and work around your family’s schedule. There is no greater joy than to do what you love and do it on your own terms.